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Using mathematical language to strengthen the movement towards communism

Posted at — Jan 1, 2022 by Izzy Meckler

In a series of blog posts I have written, and probably in more that I will write in the future, I explain my understanding of Marxist ideas in partially mathematical terms.

There are a few reasons I am doing this, and there are also a few reasons I am aware of for why this might not be a good ideas.

Speaking mathematically means restricting one’s language to a subset of the full range. As a result, the meanings and associations present in ordinary language are not available when writing mathematically. This has upsides and downsides.



Let me conclude by saying speaking mathematically is a spectrum. One can speak more or less mathematically (i.e., restrict one’s language to a smaller or larger subset.) Speaking completely mathematically means writing in a fully formal way comprehensible only to a computer. In practice, one incorporates aspects of mathematical language within a larger text that uses non-mathematical language as well. I am just attempting to use more than the 0% of mathematical language which is customary.