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Mar 24, 2022
The 7 coordinates of human society
There is a nice idea – which I learned from the work of David Harvey (or in podcast form) – of analyzing society in terms of a number of “moments”, or aspects of society at a given moment in time.…
Feb 8, 2022
The capitalist class is not the primary enemy
A lot of socialist rhetoric focuses on framing the capitalist class as the primary enemy of socialists and of the working class.…
Jan 1, 2022
Using mathematical language to strengthen the movement towards communism
In a series of blog posts I have written, and probably in more that I will write in the future, I explain my understanding of Marxist ideas in partially mathematical terms.…
Jan 1, 2022
Words and ideas **are** material
During the most recent DSA meeting, a comrade argued against expelling Jamaal Bowman by stating that the resolution to expel him was “resolutionary socialism” – that is, that those who proposed it were just doing a lot of huffing and puffing, and not seriously engaging in the task of building real power.…
Dec 29, 2021
Marx and Engel's theorem on the inevitability of revolution
A lot of people think that Marx saw proletarian revolution as inevitable. In fact, it is not. But it is inevitable given certain assumptions that Marx probably believed (owing to arguments he made throughout his writing).…